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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Does a Sacrifice Atone For All Sin?

One of the basic beliefs of Messianic "Judaism" is that Jesus' death was a sin sacrifice which is necessary to atone for all sins.  Previously, I have gone through many examples of how sin can be atoned for without a sacrifice (for example, Isaiah 1:11-18) but I want to go into an oft-missed but important issue.  Namely, what does a sacrifice atone for?  Does it atone for all sins?  The sin sacrifice is described in Leviticus chapters 4-5.  The Bible clearly states that a sin sacrifice can only be used for accidental transgressions.  It cannot be used to atone for deliberate sins.  The sin sacrifice is only for some sins, not all sins.  For instance, the sin sacrifice has nothing to do with deliberately stealing a car or assaulting a neighbor. 

The claim that Jesus' death is a sacrifice and that sacrifice atones for all sins is simply false.  Further, I would like to remind you that the Biblical sin sacrifice involved specified animals or flour conducted by the High Priest at the Holy Temple not killing of a person by Romans away from the Temple.

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